Hydroc Eco Super XL
Automotive Applications
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Applications & Methods:

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  • For cleaning engines of automobiles and trucks, 1 part HYDROC to 5 parts water applied and allowed to stand for 5 minutes and then rinsed with water, removes oil, grease and grime.
  • For truck wheels, extremely dirty engines, and undercarriages, mix 1 part HYDROC to 1 part water. Spray on and let stand 5 minutes then rinse with clear high pressure water.
  • Radiators may be cleaned by adding 1 cup HYDROC to the water in the radiator and allowed to circulate for one day. Then change the water and add 1/2 cup HYDROC to the new water to maintain the clean radiator.
  • For cars and truck cabs, 15 ml Hydroc per litre of water makes an excellent shampoo that rinses streak and spot free. A 1 to 30 part solution agitated with a soft bristle brush may be used for road film, insects, salt, and diesel smoke. Rinse with clean high-pressure water.
  • Automobile interiors may also be cleaned with a solution of 1 part HYDROC to 40 parts water by using a brush on upholstery and a towel for removing most of the moisture and dirt. The HYDROC will also help to remove foul odours.
  • For tyre white walls, use 1 part HYDROC to 2 parts water, and agitate with a stiff bristle brush. Then rinse.
  • To clean the radiators of large commercial type vehicles such as buses and trucks, 2 1/2 to 3 litres of HYDROC may be added to the water in the radiator. Run the vehicle for 1 working day, allowing the engine to heat up, then drain the radiator and flush the system with clean water. Fill the radiator with clean water and add 75 mls of HYDROC for normal driving use. This will eliminate expensive breakdowns and cleaning procedures. One tablespoon of common baking soda should also be added to the radiator for the prevention of electrolysis.
  • Hydroc Eco Super XL is an economical, superior truck wash that will not dull or damage paint or panel work, keeps truck side curtains pliable, and is safe to use on all surfaces, including chrome, paintwork, metal, glass and rubber. Regular cleaning with Hydroc will shorten cleaning time, making the product more cost effective.,
  • HYDROC Eco Super XL Is non hazardous, non toxic, non fuming, non flammable, non-caustic, non-abrasive, non-corrosive, has no hard chemicals, is ecologically sensitive and completely people and environmentally safe. It is designed to give superior cleaning performance with minimal effort.
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