Hydroc Eco Super XL
Odour Control

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Applications & Methods:

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Dual Deordoriser

HYDROC is excellent for the control of odours in wastewater and sludge situations. It has the ability to separate or break the bond of the hydrogen and sulphide chemistries; therefore they are unable to interact to form a Hydrogen sulphide gas or Sulphuric acids.
Both are highly dangerous and corrosive

  • HYDROC attacks the source of the problem rather than a masking agent or a band-aid solution, i.e. softens the hydrocarbons or reduces the fats and grease solids and their ability to congeal and adhere to the walls of the waste water pipes.
  • HYDROC allows better access to the food source for the bacteria, thus an improved or enhanced biodegradability factor in a shorter time frame.
  • HYDROC assists to allow an improved flow of effluent wastewater etc. Reduces the fat occlusions and improves the sewer conditions.

With regard to odours I will remind you that this is a very complicated subject. Odours are caused (or we are sensitive to them) because of ash particles, fatty globules, gases, solvents, proteins; caustics, pheromones and fragrances which may be a combination of all of these.

Some odours are effected by oxidisers, sunlight, chemical reactions in the air, in our blood, in our sensory receptors, etc, etc.

Therefore basically HYDROC reduces the odours by attaching to light aromatics, gases and attached flavanoids or constituent odour causing substances.

HYDROC does not actually fracture odour-causing substances but only attaches to the aromatic side of these substances and prevents their free dispersion in the air.

HYDROC can only prevent odour travel.

HYDROC does not change the constituents of the odour.


This can be simply proven by mixing garlic and a smelly cheese in the palm of your hand. Then spray on full strength Hydroc, carefully saturating the odour causing food. Notice the dramatic difference. This effect may last for weeks while beneficial biodegradation continues unabated.

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