Hydroc Eco Super XL
Steam Cleaning & Pressure Wash

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Applications & Methods:

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  • HYDROC Eco Super XL provides a superior performance when combined with a high-pressure warm, hot or tap temperature spray. Atomisation poses no problem as the blend of HYDROC cleaner is non-hazardous to people or clothing when utilised as directed.
  • In spray washing, best results have been obtained by the use of high pressure, low volume equipment, i.e. 220-250 kg pressure and a volume of 7 - 10 litres per minute. The best spray nozzle to use is the 20º-degree Vee jet type.
  • The best method of application is to wet the surface to be cleaned with HYDROC and water, mixed at the desired concentration, and let stand until the soil on the surface is loosened. A solution of one part HYDROC to 20 parts water has proven effective for most applications. However, concentration may vary to fit the job.
  • Always start at the bottom of the vertical surface to be cleaned and apply the solution upward. The actual cleaning is accomplished by the rinse.
  • Using the equipment described above, start the rinse operation at the top of the surface and rinse downward. Hold the spray nozzle of the gun approximately 15- 20 cm from the surface at a 45º-degree angle and move forward. This action causes the water to penetrate under the loosened soil and to roll it forward in front of the spray nozzle.
  • HYDROC Eco Super XL is non-clogging, non-caking, and non-scaling and is highly effective for all steam cleaning applications. It contains a special blend of surfactants and sequestering agents to lift soil and provide superior rinse ability.
  • Use 250ml-500mls of HYDROC in replacement of each kg of powder previously used, or 5 grams per litre at the nozzle of the steam gun. The concentration may be made as high as one part HYDROC to 1 part water in the solution tank. This is true because, there are no powders in HYDROC to fallout to the bottom of the tank and subsequently clog small orifices and tubing, or create scale in the steam coils. This highly concentrated solution may be varied to fit any job by a single turn of a metering valve.
  • HYDROC is safe on any surface that will tolerate steam. Because of its colloidal action, HYDROC keeps scale from forming in the steam coils reducing maintenance of the steam cleaner and nearly eliminating the need to pull apart the unit to clear and clean orifices and tubing.
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