Hydroc Environmental Products evolved through the process of providing Risk Management and environmentally friendly, ecologically sensitive and people safe Cleaning & Degreasing Solutions for All Industry Groups."A Cleaner Greener safe environment", the company's mission statement and an absolute commitment to providing the highest quality at a competitive price, while strictly avoiding the use of any chemistry that are toxic. Hydroc Environmental Products offer leading edge proprietary technologies that perform as well or better than traditional chemistries without hazardous components.

The range of unique aqueous and safe solvent products, manufactured in Australia for Hydroc Environmental Products, Offers a viable and cost effective alternative to the toxic solvents and industrial detergents currently used to degrade & remediate organic materials such as oils, grease, carbons, rust, scale & corrosion. The Hydroc range of products are fully biodegradable, water soluble, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-fuming, non-caustic & in the majority of cases non-toxic.All Hydroc products are based on a proprietary emulsifying technology, (which was developed after five years of research and development, the co-operation of two Australian Universities and the expertise of four international consultants, and is still undergoing process development and improvement)

All Hydroc products meet international, federal, state and local authority air pollution and wastewater regulations.The Hydroc Product Range has been developed for use in areas where there are problems with ventilation and hydrocarbon contamination, The range of products contain no acids, phosphates, alkalines, chlorides, ethylene glycol ether, or other hazardous materials.

a complete line of industrial and consumer cleaners and degreasers all based upon the unique super concentrate formulation. Our products have a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

So, no matter what industry you or your company is in, be it, Manufacturing; Mining; Engineering; Transport. For the providers of Printing Services to Contract Cleaning to Energy & Communication Utilities Hydroc Environmental Products can provide a solution to your cleaning or remediation problem.

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