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HYDROC Environmental Products offer industrial & domestic users proven, effective cleaning and solventing products without the hazards associated with traditional chemistries. Hydroc cleaners and degreasers are formulated from cutting edge proprietary emulsifying technology and are some of the most versatile and powerful surfactant systems in the industry today. Hydroc Products are a complete line of industrial and consumer cleaners and degreasers all based upon a single liquid super concentrate formulation. The original product was used & developed primarily for marine oil spills and cleaning up hazardous waste. The unique colloid formulation is derived from a non-ionic surfactant system that combines the molecular affinity of a lipophil and a hydrophil with a third proprietary surfactant manufactured by Shellmode Pty Ltd. The resulting super concentrate, when combined with water in various dilutions, will emulsify fats, greases, lipids, oils, proteins and sugars (long chain hydrocarbon molecules) so that the dirt can be rinsed away with water. The products do not contain hydrocarbon solvents, phosphates, builders or reagents. All Hydroc-Products are readily biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-fuming and they are dielectric in nature. Hydroc-Products will not attack metal, rubber, plastic, vinyl, glass or natural finishes.

So powerful is the Hydroc super concentrate that up to 15 parts of bunker C crude oil will be completely emulsified by only 1 part Hydroc. Hydroc Products are excellent for electric, gas and telephone utilities; petroleum production; manufacturing; transportation and automotive users; food processors, for cleaning rivers, ports and ocean oil spills; for all janitorial cleaning and anywhere that water may be applied.

From Hydroc a range of products can be formulated that include Carpet spotter and Shampoo, a Hand Cleaner, a Glass Cleaner and a Dish washing liquid, for both hand washing and machine washing, a Laundry Cleaner for both hand and machine washing, an All Purpose Cleaner, Stain Remover, a range of car care products, including an Engine Shampoo, Wheel & Tyre Cleaner, Car Wash and Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner as well as a full range of household, industrial and institutional range of cleaning products.


To learn the nature of a Colloid Cleaner, you should first know what HYDROC is not. It is not a soap, detergent, or petroleum solvent. It is non-toxic and has no flash point.

What HYDROC Colloid Cleaner is, is a homogeneous blend of colloids, sequestrants, surfactants, and hyper-wetting agents that become super-active when processed together. The cleaning action is unique and can only be related to the reaction of the atom in an atomic explosion, where the ceaseless random movements of the atoms taking place in HYDROC actually lifts, separates, and holds in separation the oils, grease, dust, soils, etc. which have been penetrated by HYDROC Colloid Cleaner.

The properties of colloids were first documented in the search to find a biodegradable substance that would break up oil slicks on oceans. Through the research of why such products could break up grease and oil and hold them in separation, it was learned that colloids have minute particles (0.000000001cm) called micelles that, when combined with water, break the surface tension to make water super wet. That same action allows the micelles to penetrate grease, oil and dirt and hold them in suspension in the super-wet water; in effect making them dissolve in water.

Since HYDROC simply penetrates into the grease, oil and other "dirt" and stirs things up, the design in like no other cleaner and will continue to work as long as there is moisture to work with. Fresh water or salt water, combined with other solvents or alone, HYDROC will continue to clean.

HYDROC Colloid Cleaner is an extremely safe, all purpose cleaner that is: completely people safe, no effects from over-exposure, no special storage requirements, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-explosive, non-fuming, non-caustic, and 99% biodegradable within 7 days.

HYDROC cleans: walls, wall coverings, tile, floors, sports equipment, doors, desks, counters, tables, chairs, cabinets, office equipment, railings, woodwork, bathroom walls, sinks, tubs, light fixtures, plastics, cars, trucks, boats, planes, degreases motors, bilges, machinery, lawn equipment, cleans ovens, stove tops, hoods, filters, refrigerators, freezers, hand cleaners, garage floors, fabrics, upholstery, carpets, deodorises and cleaner pet stains from carpets, and most anything that water will not damage.

HYDROC is excellent to wash fruits and vegetables to remove residue and dirt before cooking


HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER = SAFETY! HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER is completely 'people safe' and will not harm or dry out the skin. There are no effects from overexposure. No emergency or first aid procedures are required except if splashed into eyes, flush with water. No special equipment or protection devices are needed when using HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER. HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER does not require any special precautions for handling or storage.


HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER is safe on plastics, fabrics, paints, leathers, metals, wood, glass, ivory and ceramics when used as directed. HYDROC may be used on anything that is safe in water.

HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER may be used in hard, soft or salt water and is ecologically safe. HYDROC contains no phosphates, nitrates, NTA, enzymes, sulfates, sulphonates, caustics, or other known pollutants

.HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER is readily biodegradable. Biodegradability refers to the breaking down and returning of a substance to a natural state through natural action. This happens when bacteria attacks the substance and returns it to nature. However, the word "biodegradable" means nothing by itself, as all materials will eventually return to a natural state. The key is how soon or how long. When a substance bio degrades too quickly it becomes a "bio stimulant" and as in the case of phosphates, becomes a pollutant aging the waters by using too many bacteria too quickly., this is called eutrophication, which is what has happened to the Great Lakes in the USA. When a substance biodegrades in excess of the optimum time of seven (7) days, it is considered a hard chemical. These: hard chemicals resist microorganisms and persist in the environment for many years. DDT is an example of a hard chemical. These are generally very soluble in fats and when ingested in food, can be dangerous to our health.

Where phosphates bio degrade in 24 hours, Mercury takes over 100 years to bio degrade. Therefore, to say that a thing is "biodegradable" or bio degrades is incomplete and must be clarified by the time period in which the biodegradation occurs. HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER biodegrades 99% in seven days, which will help preserve our precious water resources.


It is an amber coloured liquid having a mild and pleasant odour and a viscosity of 100 cps (centipoise). The pH is 10.3 to 10.5 and the boiling point is 100%C. The product is non-toxic and has no flash point.

HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER is 99.935% water soluble with 0.65% insoluble matter. The vapour pressure at 20%C is 17.0 MM (millimetres) and the vapour density is .62 of air (air=I). The specific gravity is 295 grams per litre with a surface tension of 29.5 (dynes per CM at 25%C).

The evaporation rate is 0.7 of butyl acetate (butyl acetate = 1).

HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER may be mixed with alkalis, certain types of salts, certain types of acids and petroleum solvents for those jobs that may require special applications.

HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER is not a soap, detergent, or petroleum solvent.

HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER is a homogeneous blend of colloids, sequestrants, surfactants, and hyper-wetting agents that become Super Active when processed together. The cleaning action is unique and can only be related to the reaction of the atom in an atomic explosion where the ceaseless random movements of the atoms taking place in the products actually lifts, separates, and holds in separation the oils, greases, dirt, soils, etc. which have been penetrated by HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER. Although we refer toHYDROC as a cleaner, it is not a soap or a detergent so it's use is not limited to just cleaning.

For a more detailed and illustrative explanation of how colloids work, see the schematics titled "Water Is Not Really Wet Until Certain Physicochemical Actions Occur" and "What Happens When We Clean with HYDROC Colloid Cleaner". These demonstrate the magnetic qualities and. attraction of the colloids, which give in cleaning, an extremely wide range of power in the jobs it will do. Since the colloids simply penetrate into solids and stir things up, their design is like no other cleaner and will continue to work as long as there is moisture to work with. Although they work equally well in fresh or salt water, water is a prime factor in their cleaning processes.

Since colloids work in this unusual manner, time is important. Therefore, we must relearn our cleaning methods to allow for "dwell" time or time to allow the colloids to lift and separate. Occasionally, or on heavy soil, agitation will also be needed to assist the cleaning process and speed up the action.

If you think of cleaning as a pie cut into four pieces, which include time, chemical, energy, and heat then you can visualise how cleaning works. Cleaning takes all four pieces, but the size of the pieces can be adjusted. If you make chemical a smaller piece, you will have to increase the other three pieces or at least one of them to compensate for the smaller amount of chemical. So, if you decide to decrease the amount of chemical you will perhaps increase the agitation by using a brush, or increase the heat by using a steam cleaner with a power jet spray. If you do not increase either of these pieces, then you must allow additional "dwell" time to compensate for the decrease in chemical. This formulation works for each of the pieces of pie. Increase the chemical and you can decrease the time, energy, or the heat, or all three.

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