Hydroc Eco Super XL
Dust Palliative Applications
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Applications & Methods:

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Because of the amazing wetting ability of HYDROC it is useful in areas where dust is a problem.

Use a concentration of approximately 1 part HYDROC ECO SUPER XL to 80-100 parts water.

Method of Application:

Spray on. When using in tank trucks fill the water tank with water than add 121itres (to 10,000 litres water) of HYDROC. Do not reverse the procedure, as foaming will cause filling problems.

Benefits of HYDROC Eco Super XL

The use of HYDROC should gradually reduce the frequency and amount of water needed to control dust in construction, sand and rock crushing operations, dirt racetracks, and similar areas.

The combined action of colloids and wetting agents suggest the use of HYDROC in areas where dust particles in the air create a potentially explosive environment - i.e. manufacturing operations. Use 1 part HYDROC to 100 parts water and atomise into the air.

HYDROC is economical to use and safe to store.


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