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HYDROC COLLOID CLEANER is a concentrate which may be used in steam cleaners and other cleaning equipment used in all food processing areas and equipment, in any food processing capacity.

Use 500mls-l litre of HYDROC in place of each 2 kg of powder normally used in the steam cleaner, or 10-15mls per litre at the nozzle of the steam gun. The concentration may be made as high as 1 part HYDROC to 1 part water in the solution tanks. This is possible because there are no powders in HYDROC to fall out to the bottom of the tank which subsequently clog small orifices and tubing, or create scale in the steam coils. A 1 to 1 solution is a highly concentrated solution, which may be varied to fit any job by a single turn of a metering valve,

HYDROC is safe on any surface that will tolerate steam. Because of its colloidal action, it will keep scale from forming in the steam coils and prolongs the life of the cleaning equipment.

HYDROC is acceptable as a general cleaning agent, for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices in all departments of official establishments operating under the U.S. Federal meat, poultry, shell egg grading and egg products inspection programs.


HYDROC makes an excellent hand cleaner at 1 part HYDROC to 1 part water and will enable your porters and kitchen help to stop wearing rubber gloves since there is no irritation to normal skin as there is with most commercial detergents. Use the colloid straight if hands are extremely dirty. Rub it into the skin thoroughly " add a little water, and rub again. Rinse completely for a few minutes. HYDROC will not defat normal skin, but leaves it clean and soft.

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