Hydroc Eco Super XL
Marine Leisure Craft

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Applications & Methods:

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  Marine Eco Wash

Midships-Cleaner, Decks & Bulkheads, Odour Control & Ventilation, Stack Gases, Metal Cleaner, Mildew Control, Oil removal, Salt water spotting, Food Service Areas, Heavy Duty Cleaning of holds,
Refrigerated Containers, Engine Rooms, Bilge Cleaning

Method of Application:

AS a midships cleaner HYDROC Eco Super XL is very effective as a hand wiping material in cleaning the engine room where fuel, oil, smoke, etc. are a problem. Mix 1 part HYDROC to 60 parts water and wipe down the area with a wet cloth. No rinsing or further wiping is necessary.

HYDROC is excellent for swabbing down decks and bulkheads. It will not damage paint or wooden surfaces and helps prevent rust on exposed surfaces. This mixture should be 1 part HYDROC to 40 parts water.

Small amounts of cleaner may be induced, into the ship's ventilation system by means of an atomising spray to dispel foul air or odours.

A mixture of 1 part HYDROC to 50 parts water will effectively remove stack gases.

HYDROC will remove tarnish and corrosion from copper, brass and silver. Moreover, it will remove light rust from iron and steel when used in a soak tank operation at a concentration of 1 part HYDROC to 5 parts water. Dwell time will depend entirely upon the degree of contamination.

A concentration of 1 part HYDROC to 20 parts water very effectively removes mildew from lines, canopy, sails, rigging, upholstery, keel, etc.

This same mixture removes oil from bilges, decks, hulls, engine and engine cowling; also salt water and salt-water spots from windshields, decks and hull.

HYDROC is completely safe to use throughout the vessel because it has no ingredients to disturb the grain of fine woods; no chlorides to bleach painted surfaces; no detergents to deteriorate plastics and fibreglass; and no petroleum solvents to craze or warp plastics or fibreglass materials.

HYDROC may be used for all purposes in the food services areas of galleys

HYDROC works well when diluted with fresh or salt water and is one of the few cleaning solutions, which may be used in any body of water without harming marine aquaculture, flora or fauna, and does not alter

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