Hydroc Eco Super XL
Oil Spill On Open Water

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Applications & Methods:

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Ratio: Use 1 part HYDROC ECO SUPER XL to approximately 40 parts water.

Method of Application:

  1. The above solution should be sprayed upon the entire area of the oil spill under pressure.
  2. Begin at the outer edge, spraying the above mixture onto the oil slick. Continue spraying on oil slick in decreasing concentric pattern until entire oil slick has been sprayed.
  3. Normal open water wave and wind action will provide agitation and aid in dispersion.
  4. Patrol area and spray mixture upon any remaining oil slick residue.

Note: For heavy spills, several applications and/or increased ratios may be required.

Benefits of HYDROC Eco Super XL

  1. Under the above condition, will not harm marine life.
  2. Holds oil in water solution, therefore oil loses its' identity as an oil and takes on characteristic of a water soluble and will not recombine. Oil biodegrades naturally in sunlight.
  3. Easily applied with existing ship's equipment, e.g. Duplex Foam Proportimer provides mixing ratio of approximately 1 part HYDROC to 16 parts water. Therefore, 1 part HYDROC to 2.5 parts water should be placed in proportimer tanks.
  4. Use salt water - conserve freshwater.
  5. Economy of funds and storage space.

Restrictions or Cautions:

  1. Oil Spill should be sprayed with above mixture as soon after spill as possible for best results and economy of operations.
  2. For information and planning: 1 litre of HYDROC will disperse approximately 9 litres of crude oil or Bunker C when applied in the above mixture and agitated with pressure of 90-120 PSI water. The amount of HYDROC required to disperse or clean up an oil spill will vary with wind and sea conditions, amount, type and thickness of the oil spill and the time delay from spill to application of the HYDROC.
  3. For best results, spray mixture of HYDROC and water upon the spill. Undiluted HYDROC is not as effective, will take longer and increases costs of the clean-up operation.
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