Hydroc Eco Super XL
Sludge & Compost Treatments

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Applications & Methods:

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  • In the control of the odour applications to sludge heaps, effluent ponds, manure piles; Hydroc is safe to the end product, machinery and operators.
  • Its use on manure, decaying or rotting foods even cadavers can be rendered odorless by spraying Hydroc. For pond or soil broadcasting a rate of 4 litres per 1000 sq ft or 100 sq meters is adequate.
  • Repeat as necessary, usually every other day or so. There is no point to penetrating Hydroc below the surface of such organic decay since only aerobic bacteria are at issue.
  • Also keep in mind that Hydroc slows metabolic production of odour causing microorganisms.
  • As a surfactant, Hydroc is able to encapsulate off gases of long chain hydrocarbon but not ammoniates, though it does slow their release.
  • Hydroc is also excellent for gas scrubbing in hazardous gas environments.
  • Hydroc contains no caustics, no petroleum derivates, no reagents, no solvents and will not react with any other chemistries such as chlorines to create toxic gases.

The most important issue here is that HYDROC will not harm sewer bacteria

Advantages and Benefits

  • HYDROC may be used to buffer acid solutions and emissions.
  • HYDROC is economical to use and safe to store.
  • HYDROC aids in corrosion control to machinery, plumbing and other machinery within the transit system and treatment plant.
  • HYDROC carries more solubilised oils, greases and fats, prevents solidification and prevents them from going into solution until biodegradable.
  • HYDROC has no competition when certified data is considered. No competitive product can meet the same stringent criteria in such an outstanding environmentally safe manner
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