Hydroc Eco Super XL
Waste Water treatment & Sewer Systems

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Applications & Methods:

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Saving, time, money and machinery

The use of Hydroc Cleaner and Degreaser in existing waste water treatment systems reduces the costly maintenance of lift stations pump cleaning and replacement, also it reduces odour, breaks down solids and minimises blockages.

Lift Stations operate more trouble free

Using Hydroc in lift stations and pipelines will result in a reduced level in the build up of greases and fats around the internal concrete pipes and pumps, the grease and fat will remain in solution without causing further blockages or adhering to the sides of lift stations and pumps down the system.

Labour costs to continually scrap and clean well is gradually reduced.

Gravity systems will flow easier with less build up of solidified fats and greases if Hydroc is used. The great benefit to the system is that when Hydroc is added either by the discharge contributors or treatment operators this allows biodegradability to commence sooner yet more importantly Hydroc continues cleaning from discharge point to the treatment facility.

Hydroc Solubilises
Thus sewerage pipes remain cleaner and free of the typical formations of fat occlusions and other growth that contribute to blockages and sewer gases.

Hydroc assists in eliminating odours and bacterial growth by reducing protein residues and preventing the hydrogen/sulfide bond. It leaves surfaces cleaner under all conditions of use.

Hydroc assists or aids in reducing the volume of solids to be treated at the waste water plant.
Hydroc may be added to the system by treatment personnel at the 'end runs' or lift stations via high-pressure hoses, pump well cleaners or drip systems - no special equipment or handling procedures are required.

Importantly Hydroc does not harm sewer bacteria.

Hydroc can be applied at any stage in the cleaning or waste stream cycle. If the discharge producer is using Hydroc then all drains and sewer plumbing will be clean from entry point to the treatment plant.
Local authorities can apply Hydroc via lift stations, at dilutions of 600:1 via high pressure hoses, well washers or other similar methods.

Hydroc will assist in reducing the adhesion of fats, greases and bacterial growths to submersible lift pumps, well walls etc. It leaves surfaces cleaner under all conditions of use.

The most important issue here is that HYDROC will not harm sewer bacteria.

Advantages and Benefits
  • HYDROC may be used to buffer acid solutions and emissions.
  • HYDROC is excellent for fuel spills in sewers to reduce vapours and hydrocarbon flammability curve to zero with major reduction in VOCs.
  • HYDROC is economical to use and safe to store.
  • HYDROC aids in corrosion control to machinery, plumbing and other machinery within the transit system and treatment plant.
  • HYDROC carries more solubilised oils, greases and fats, prevents solidification and prevents them from going into solution until biodegradable.
  • HYDROC has no competition when certified data is considered. No competitive product can meet the same stringent criteria in such an outstanding environmentally safe manner.
Suggested Dilutions
  1. Initial Purge to Lift Stations of Hydroc at 1:600 or approximately 20 ltr and agitate with high pressure water jet or washer. This agitation will speed up the process of cleaning the greases and fats from the wa1ls.
  2. 'End Runs' that flow to lift stations may also be purged with approximately 4-5 Itrs upstream. This method will then flush all effluent into the lift station. Thus the entire system will be cleaned with less clogging and ultimately aid in reducing the solids volume and odour.
  3. To clean lift stations and pumps we would suggest a 10% dilution via high pressure cleaners or well washers.
  4. A drip injection of Hydroc into the system set at 1% out to 0.01% to flow volume of waste water is a recommended dilution for routine cleaning sewer maintenance.

Now test and see the 'Difference' when Hydroc is used in waste/effluent water systems.

(NB. See application datasheet on Odour Control)


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